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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 27, 2015 11:32pm-11:56pm EST

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5 minutes. >> thank you very much. it's such an honor to be here at cpac. we've done this before. the response has been so great. i love you people. you're really my kind of people. you're conservative. you work. you love the country. t's very simple. so a lot of people -- >> you're fired! >> you're fired. [laughter] a lot of people think i'm doing this for fun. they think it's good for my brand that i'm here and i'm doing that and a big, successful guy. i'm not doing this for fun. i'm doing it because we have to take our country back. our country -- [applause] -- our country is in serious, serious problems. have a president who is
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either incompetent which i think he could be or he has his own agenda which i know he does. he does definitely have the agenda. washington is totally broken. and it's not going to get fixed unless we put the right person in that top position. it's just not going to happen. now, the problem i have, i'm not a politician. thank goodness. politicians are all talk, no action. i've dealt with them all my life. the king of zoning, the king of -- i deal with politicians. that's what i do. i deal with people in this country our politicians are all talk no action. now, i'm a conservative. i'm a republican. but i look at what's going on with the republicans. i'm almost more disappointed ith the republicans. and you can go right now. i mean, right now they're
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sitting over there and they're going to make a decision on whether or not to fund, and i guarantee the answer is we'll fund, we're going to fund, we're going to keep doing it. our president broke the law when he did what he did. and you're going to have to take a tremendously strong action or you're going to have people just flowing into this country worse than it's ever been. they're coming in now by the thousands and it's going to only get worse. so the republicans have to toughen up. they have to toughen up on the i.r.s. they have to toughen up on benghazi. they have to toughen up on everything and, most importantly, perhaps other than immigration, they have to toughen up on obamacare which is a total lie and which is a total and complete disaster. [applause] and when it gets in, because it really kicks in in 2016, when
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it kicks in, you are going to see some catastrophic result. people are getting out of business. companies are closing all because of obamacare. so they have to do something about that and they have to do it now. now, when was the last time you about our ing good country? we won. we beat china. we beat mexico. we beat somebody. we never win. you don't hear good news about this country. we are in a position where we just never win. and that's because of our leadership. you need somebody perhaps that wrote the art of the deal. one of the great business books of all time i might add. now, you know, a little example somebody said i can't believe you got the old post office. you know, right down the road meaning on pennsylvania avenue. i wish it were right down the road. right down the road, pennsylvania avenue. i got a building, the old post office. great building.
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everybody wanted it. g.s.a. gave it out. we are doing an amazing job with it. it's under construction now for six months. the g.s.a. gave it out. obama gave it out. trump got it. now, is that good negotiating? it was in the history of the g.s.a. one of the most sought after properties ever. and trump got it. people said to me how the hell did you ever get it when obama is in charge of the g.s.a.? but that's the way it goes, folks. and maybe that's what we need some of. so it's really, really important that we have people in that top position that know, because the country has such tremendous potential. unbelievable potential, and we just are not using it. now, on isis, nobody if i decide to run and win, nobody would be tougher than donald trump. nobody. [applause]
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i would hit them so hard and so fast that they wouldn't know what happened. i would find a general. remember the old days of general macarthur and general patton and these great generals. we must have somebody in there. but i laugh as i say, and it's laugh through tears, as you say, look. they're announcing when they're going to attack the other side. how often do you see that in two weeks from now we're sending soldiers over here to attack this. general mcarthur is spinning in his grave. when he sees what we do. so you got to hit them hard. you got to hit them firm. you can't play games. you got to go hard and fast and firm. and there's somebody there that's going to do the job. thing, beau bergdahl. we sell. we make a deal.
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beau bergdahl for five killers. five terrorists who are right now out there trying to kill us. this is the kind of thinking. you don't even hear anything about it anymore. people forget. it's like the one-week schedule. they forget. the beau bergdahl deal is emblematic of what's going on in this country. all our deals are like that. and we can't let it continue to happen. now, iran. they cannot have a nuclear weapon. we must protect israel. e must protect israel. as far as our borders are concerned we need strong borders. . need a wall i will tell you, the king of building walls. nobody can build them like trump. that i can promise you. can promise you that.
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executive order. we've got to knock it out. we've got to knock it out fast. common core is bad. bad. [applause] second amendment is good. now really good. now they want to take away your bullets, folks. i don't know if you've been seeing what's been going on. they can't get the gups. now they want to go after the bullets. but the common core, look. i came down very hard on mitt romney because he let us down. he really let us down. that should have been an election that was won. that was an easy election to win. i actually think probably easier than the next one coming up. there was no excuse for not winning that. i came down very strong. jeb bush. he's in favor -- [booing] -- he's in favor of common core. he is weak on immigration. now think of it for a second.
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in favor of common core, weak on immigration. remember the statement, they come over for love? that was his stance on immigration. i don't see them winning. i don't see any way. you people have to make your own choice. who knows? we have to rebuild our infrastructure. i go throughout the world. i'm all over the world and i dab ue, and i see abu places you wouldn't believe. you go to qatar. you go to saudi arabia. you see bridges and tunnels and airports and just roadways that are so magnificent. they're paved in gold. and then you come home and you land at laguardia. or you land at l.a.x. in los angeles or you land at kennedy airport in new york and they're like third world places. our roads are crumbling. everything is crumbling. we're rebuilding china.
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it's got to stop. we have the cards. remember that. we have the cards. social security. i'm the only republican that's going to say this and i don't know if people are going to love it or not but we've got to make this country rich again. we can do it with smart leadership. and when we make it rich, we can save social security, medicare, and medicaid, and not cut it like almost every republican wants to do. let's cut social security, cut medicare. now you go after the fraud and abuse but you don't cut it. we make the country rich again. we take back the jobs from china and other nations. and you're not going to have to cut social security, medicare, etcetera. nobody else is going to tell you that. we're 18 trillion in debt very soon going to be a lot more than that and we're going to reach 24 trillion dollars. that's a sacred number because it's a number from which there is almost no recovery. we better get going and we better get going fast.
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i just want to leave this with you. to be a winner you have to think like a winner. our country hasn't been thinking like a winner. we're totally on the defense. we're being laughed at all over the world for our stupidity. we're giving things away. isis, you know, we leave it for iraq and isis comes in and takes it. i see these trucks and beautiful tanks all american tanks. we have to use our head. we need brilliant leadership. we can make america great again. there is tremendous potential in this country. and my whole concept is make america great again. we can do it. thank you. thank you. thank you. [applause] > thank you. thank you very much. now we have sean hannity. where's sean? come on, sean.
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get out here, sean. give it up for mr. donald trump. you all doing okay? >> thank you. thank you everybody. >> they have chairs. or do you want to stand? >> we'll stand. let's stand. >> okay. first question. it's great to see you. >> nice to see you. >> don't read into this. this is a donald trump -- do not take that as an indication that i am committed. i still haven't made up my mind. >> very well. >> i'm going to get fired in a minute. all right. you know what, the first question, many of my friends ask, okay. you kind of flirted with running before -- >> primarily. i did. i thought romney could do it and he let us down. i did. i love what i'm doing. look. i love building. i'm building all over the world. i love it. more than anything else i love it. but i love this country. my children have grown. they are very, very esconfidenced in the company. i have great executives. i can let them run things and i have no problem. when you're building it is very
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hard for a person like me to run because i have a lot of things happening. a politician, they run. what do they do? they run, they run. they lose. they win. they run. with me i give up a lot. i already told the apprentice people. nbc wanted to renew and i said i'm doing something else that is very important to me. i'm doing something very important. i am looking at it very seriously. i don't want what happened to mitt romney to happen again. that was a tremendous blow for this country. >> okay. if i have to ask you on a scale of 1 to 100 where are you on this scale in terms of where you think you are in deciding to run? >> 1 to 100 i would say 75 and 80. i am really inclined. i want to do it so badly. you know, i have the theme. it's my theme. make america great again. that's what i want to do. we can do that in this country if we have people that know what they're doing if we have people that are confident. >> let's talk about -- i just had an opportunity to speak to this great crowd and i talked about the economic problems we
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have. you're known for being a businessman. >> correct. >> 50 million americans in poverty. 50 million close to it 50 million americans on food stamps. 92 million americans not working. we please don't count them but they're not working. >> as i said we don't count them. we have they say 5.3 and 5.6%. i think it's over 20%. >> how do we get them, how would donald trump as president get these people back to work? >> you have to take the jobs back from china. you have to take the jobs back from mexico. mexico, in iowa companies are leaving for mexico. you have to -- they give incentives to leave our country and go to places like mexico. by the way, mexico is the next china. mexico, folks, is not our friend. i hate to tell you this. but mexico, and i'm not just talking about the border. mexico is ripping off the united states big, big league. and we better do something. but jobs going to china, to mexico, to brazil, they're going everywhere but here.
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we've lost our manufacturing and lost our manufacturing base. sean, you hear about as an example apple. sure it's based here but they do all their work, make all their products in china. a wonderful place. wonderful. i have tremendous experience with china. i've made a lot of money with china. i had some pretty hard times with china and i was the one that came out on top. believe me, this country can come out on top. >> okay. let me ask, i think everybody's got to have a vision. if i were to ask you, if you become president your top five agenda items, what are they? >> well, i start with isis. you have to just hit them and hit them hard. get rid of that whole situation. if you want to ask me that question two years ago, three years ago probably it wouldn't have been the first thing on the agenda but right now it has become so severe, so bad. i always said take the oil. they have the oil. isis first.
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obamacare, i would repeal it and i would get something that would be so much better than obamacare. so important. you look at every aspect of government. you look at regulation. the e.p.a. you can't move. you can't do anything. everything you want to do is stopped. you have to do that. i would build a tremendously strong military. our military has been -- [cheering] -- has been let go and it's been let go badly. being in the real estate business all the time i get these listings for army bases for sale. they're selling everything. i said aren't we going to have any army bases left? all the time so many bases for sale. i say what are we going to do about it? i would straighten out the whole mess. these vets are great people. amazing people. i would straighten out that mess like you wouldn't believe and be in there really fast and i would be working on iran and i would be helping israel big league. there wouldn't be speeches made behind my back. i would be helping out israel
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big league. because they deserve the help. and iran has very, very bad intentions. when you look at, this is negotiating 101. you look at a president who's negotiating and he drops the sanctions. now i would have said, triple up the sanctions. so now they're not doing anything. they're not coming to a good conclusion. i hear the deal is terrible. so when he comes here it will be very interesting what happens. but we have a president that truly doesn't know what he's doing. >> with isis, specifically -- let's get specifics here. we see what the jordanians are doing and the egyptians are doing. what would, specifically, you nuclear stop iran's program and, b, defeat isis. i don't hear you saying degrade them i hear you saying defeat them. >> i just hit isis really hard. probably, a year ago you wouldn't have said it and nobody would like it. now everybody likes it. you may have to have some boots on the ground for a period of time until you get rid of the
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cancer. that is number one. you may have to have that. look. they're cutting off the heads of people, burning people at the stake. it's like we're living in medieval times. you have to do something. as far as iran is concerned, if they respected our leadership, they'd negotiate. if we put sanctions all over the place, they would negotiate. they were being very badly hurt by sanctions. now all of a sudden it's like they're not taking us seriously. with iran, sanctions all over the place. believe me. you can make a right deal if you have the right negotiator. part of the problem we have, sean, we have people that are diplomats doing -- they do nothing about negotiating. all they know how to do is keep their job. they know nothing about negotiating. if we had the right people, we could solve the isis problem and we could solve the iran problem. and a lot more quickly than you think. >> you made a statement about immigration where you said i'm great at building things.
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i'm great at building fences. >> i would build a wall. it all starts with a wall. you have to build -- first of all it also has to go with mexico having some respect for our country. they don't respect us whatsoever. people are flowing through mexico. and what a lot of people don't realize the hardest country, one of the hardest countries to become a citizen of, you probably couldn't do it, is mexico. the people flow right through mexico. they shove them through our borders. we have no idea. by the way, you don't know where those people are coming from. they could have very, very bad intentions. and they don't necessarily have to be from the areas that you think they are. >> mexico puts them in jail. or they tell them to go home immediately. >> mexico is one of the hardest countries in this world to become a citizen of but they just flow them right through our border. i see it the other night on television i'm watching and thousands of people they just walk across the border. you have guards standing there. they just walk right across. what are we, stupid? it's just hard to believe this can happen. >> there are so many young people in this room.
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obama has, well by the time he leaves office will have accumulated more debt than every other president combined. >> true. >> what do you say to them about how a president trump could balance the budget? >> i understand debt. i understand business better than anybody that's ever run in my opinion for office. nobody's had the success in a business sense that i've had. i know how to get rid of debt. i would get rid of that debt and i would do it quickly because it's sitting out there and it is a time bomb for this country. >> specifically though. this is important. i like the penny plan. cut a penny out of every dollar. >> fine. i like two plans. i like making the country rich again taking in tremendous amounts of money. stopping china from ripping us, etcetera, and also cutting costs. but not cutting them when it comes to the military. and not cutting them when it comes to social security either. >> all right. i see -- i always, every time i'm up here it says wrap up now.
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i don't know why. real quick. a lightning round. real quick answers. abortion. >> okay. well, i'm very pro life. [applause] >> feel strongly about it. with exceptions. life of the mother, etcetera. but i am pro life. >> rape and incestt, life and the mother. >> yes. life of the mother, rape, and incest. >> gay marriage. >> i am for traditional marriage. i think it is a states rights issue not a judge issue. it is a voter issue but a states rights but i am for traditional marriage. >> colorado, marijuana, good or bad experiment? >> i say it's bad. medical marijuana is another thing. but i think it's bad. and i feel strongly about that. >> well hang on. what about the states right aspect of it if the people of colorado decide? >> if they vote for it they vote for it but they have a lot of problems right now in colorado. big problems. i think medical marijuana, 100%. >> let me mention some names to you. and just get a quick response. hillary clinton. >> like a one word response? i sort of think of benghazi.
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i think of a failed secretary of state. but benghazi was a disaster. amazingly, i don't think it resonated like it should have. but benghazi was a total disaster. >> we learned today in fact they knew from the first minutes of that attack that it was a terror attack which i think will become a bigger issue. bill clinton? >> nice guy. got a lot of problems coming up in my opinion with the famous island with jeffrey epstein. a lot of problems. >> barack obama. >> incompetent president. >> okay. [applause] >> you obviously, the american dream has worked in your life and your father's life, your family's life. i know a lot about your background. we're now talking a lot about american exceptionalism. in donald trump's mind what makes america exceptional and why do you so love this country that you want to be its commander-in-chief? >> it's got a great fabric. they have phenomenal people like the people in this room. we have so much going. we need the incentives.
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we can't take away those incentives. but we have a country that can be so great again. we have a country that will be absolutely admired by everybody. right now it's not admired by other countries. and i deal with these countries. they talk to me, sean, and they say i can't believe it. chinese. they say, they're friends of mine. they say, i can't believe we're getting away with this. in saudi arabia they say i can't believe we get away with this. they don't put up the money. we fight wars for them. they don't put up the money. i know these people. i have nothing against china. their leaders are just much smarter than ours. if we bring our country back to the grass roots, if we keep the incentives going, i'm telling you the potential of the united states is so incredible. if we do it properly. and if we have smart, really smart leadership. >> one last question. you almost single handedly were out there questioning president obama's background. you said how can you not show a birth certificate? >> right. >> i'm not bringing up that
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issue as much. you also wanted to see his college records. >> right. >> some people have criticized you for asking those questions. what is your response snverages i did want to say i still would like to see his college records. i'm not looking at his marks. i'd like to see where he put often. look, he wrote a book when he was a young man and it said born in kenya. blah, blah. blah. i would like to see his college records. i think it's important. now as far as the birth certificate, hillary clinton wanted his birth certificate. hillary is a birther. she wanted it. but she was unable to get it. john mccain fought really hard and really viciously to get his birth certificate. john mccain failed. couldn't get it. trump comes along. and i'm not a sitting senator. i'm not a sitting anything else. i'm a good businessman. but trump comes along and says, birth certificate. he gave a birth certificate. whether or not that was a real certificate because a lot of people questioned it, i certainly questioned it. but hillary clinton wanted it.
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mccain wanted it. and i wanted it. he didn't do it for them. he did it for me. so in one sense i'm proud of it. all we have to do is find out whether it was real. >> all right. >> cpac, give it up. donald trump. >> thank you. [applause and